Therapeutic Services


Individual Therapy 

Those who seek therapy are often motivated to do so as a result of feeling overwhelmed in their mind/body system. This can manifest as depression, anxiety, stuck cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physiological processing, as well as addictions, compulsions, and ruminations. It is human nature to move toward a balanced state. When it is clear what once served us is no longer helpful, we become more open to learning and implementing new ways of caring for ourselves.

I work with adolescents and adults who experience a wide range of mental health challenges. Maladaptive coping strategies are often developed by individuals as a result of trauma. Self-deprecation, addiction, limited insight, and dissociation from self and others are among the many ways dysfunctional coping can be expressed and become habitual. 

​We all have a multitude of conscious and unconscious beliefs that shape our emotional and physical well-being. Helping people learn to calm their nervous system and feel safe in their bodies is the foundation of my work with individuals. Once this is established, the unfolding of belief structures can be observed and experienced with a sense of openness and ease, laying the groundwork for transformative emotional experiences to occur through the implementation of appropriate therapeutic modalities.