I offer online and tele-health sessions which are covered by your insurance provider.

Yes, I accept insurance.

I am in-network with a variety of insurance providers including Aetna, Tri-Care, Humana, Baycare and Medicare.

Yes, I offer sliding scale rates.

My private pay fee is $100 per hour. This is a particularly challenging time emotionally, physically and financially for most people. I am flexible and open to mutually agreeing upon a fee that works for your budget. I am also offering pro-bono sessions on a limited basis to those who have been directly affected by Covid-19.

Please contact your insurance provider prior to your first session.

Ask your insurance provider the following questions:
What are my mental health benefits?
Do I have Employee Assistance Program (EAP) sessions available?
How many sessions are covered?
What is my co-pay per session?
Do I have a deductible to meet?


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